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Re: [OpenDivX] OpenDivx on NON-i386

> Thank you, that's a start. But I think it's not a good idea to just leave
> path of plattform independence. If you decided to make subdirectory for
> dependent stuff, then there should at least be a "generic" or "C"
> where the routines are written in plain C and do not depend on processor
> architechture, so it's possible to create a running (nonoptimized) version
> any machine without having to write code yourself.

The original philosophy was to have in ./decore/src all the files necessary
to build the whole library on any architecture.  Developers can then use the
architecture-sepecific subdirs to create optimised versions of any of the
files in ./decore/src.  So, it should not be necessary to have a
./decore/src/generic directory as all the generic stuff should already
appear in ./decore/src.

On a tangent, in case x86 people hadn't noticed, the src/intel_mmx and
src/att_mmx architecture subdirs are obscolescent as in src/mmx we now have
macro-based, syntax-independent versions of most of the MMX code.


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