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[OpenDivX] Strange problems on the ARM platform

Hi all,

Trying the CVS version of OpenDivX on an ARM plaform using Linux, I get
strange image corruptions (you can get the fist three frames of a sample
movie at this URL : http://www.bbrox.org/OpenDivX/). The 'frame_...' files
are from my desktop and the 'ipaq_frame_...' are from the ARM plaftorm.

You will see that the first frame do not show any difference between the two
versions, but that there seems to be two 'corrupted blocks' in the second one.

So do any of you have an idea of a part of the code that could generate such
artefacts ? Did any see this on other platforms ? For your information, this
happens both in debug and non-debug code. I will upgrade now my Debian
distrib to see if I get a new GCC version to test with that one... And I
will also do more GCC testings (remove strengh-reduce, remove other
optimizations, ...).

And how could I track this down ? What are the different 'stages' where I
could hook-up some debug code that could dump the memory to see exactly
where the corruption occurs ? I already tried to dump all the memory
allocated via the MEMREQ API call at the end of each frame but it does not
gain me very much as the control is not 'fine enough'.

        Lionel (back to reading through the OpenDivX code :-) )

		 Lionel Ulmer - http://www.bbrox.org/

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