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Re[2]: [OpenDivX] OpenDivx on NON-i386

Hello Christoph,

Monday, May 28, 2001, 11:23:27 PM, you wrote:

CHL> Am Dienstag, 29. Mai 2001 01:15 schrieben Sie:
>> CHL> Because here it's still not possible to compile latest CVS, because of
>> the CHL> references to intel-stuff. The only definition of init_platform()
>> is in CHL> decore/intel_mmx/init.c which is completely impossible to get to
>> CHL> work with UltraSparc (as any i386) as far as I have seen.
>> CHL> Can anyone please comment on this?
>> It's assumed to be so. If you want to port it on non-i386, you should:
>> 1) create your own subdirectory ( say, 'sparc' );
>> 2) write init_platform() for this platform and ( optionally )
>> implement some of routines in assembly for your CPU. For example, you
>> could write your own basic prediction functions ( CopyBlock,
>> CopyBlockHor, etc ) which correctly deal with memory alignment, put
>> them into sparc/ and assign their pointers to corresponding global
>> function pointer variables;
>> 3) link the code in root directory and the code in sparc/ together.
>> If you are unsure how to write init_platform(), I'll put example of
>> this function for generic processor ( no optimization ) today.

CHL> Thank you, that's a start. But I think it's not a good idea to just leave the 
CHL> path of plattform independence. If you decided to make subdirectory for CPU 
CHL> dependent stuff, then there should at least be a "generic" or "C" directory, 
CHL> where the routines are written in plain C and do not depend on processor 
CHL> architechture, so it's possible to create a running (nonoptimized) version on 
CHL> any machine without having to write code yourself. 
CHL> That could replace the useless "INTEL=0" option in Makefile.

You don't have to write the code yourself, having only the functions
in decore/ directory ( basic_prediction.c, yuv2rgb.c, etc. ) and
generic/init.c is sufficient ( but if you want to, nothing prevents
you from that ). Maybe you mean that these C files should be moved
into separate directory?
Makefile which you are referring to is quite outdated.

Best regards,
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