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Re: [OpenDivX] How to make an open-source project fail

> Forget Makefiles, they never work the way you want them to. At least not with
> OpenDivX. Use the good old shell instead... :-)

Well, this is not exactly satisfactory, especially when you want to add some
optimization for a new architecture...

For the moment, I did my own Makefile. While doing that, I found out that
the two following files seem to be useless : gen_draw.c and gen_uptime.c (at
least they do not compile on Linux).

And of course, this gives me a library that segfaults as soon as I start
trying to decode something.... Ah the joy of using bleeding edge stuff :-)

      Lionel (waiting for a stable build system to send some patches)

		 Lionel Ulmer - http://www.bbrox.org/

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