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Re: Re[2]: [OpenDivX] OpenDivx on NON-i386

>CHL> dependent stuff, then there should at least be a "generic" or "C" 
>CHL> where the routines are written in plain C and do not depend on processor 
>CHL> architechture, so it's possible to create a running (nonoptimized) version 
>CHL> any machine without having to write code yourself. 
>CHL> That could replace the useless "INTEL=0" option in Makefile.
>You don't have to write the code yourself, having only the functions
>in decore/ directory ( basic_prediction.c, yuv2rgb.c, etc. ) and
>generic/init.c is sufficient ( but if you want to, nothing prevents
>you from that ). Maybe you mean that these C files should be moved
>into separate directory?

>Makefile which you are referring to is quite outdated.

I refered to this comment, because it builds a no-MMX-but-still-x86only

# Undefine this to try to build non-x86 version of library.

That is still in the CVS and there is no ChangeLog that tells me,
'make' not supposed to work. 

I do like the idea of seperate directories for different architectures,
but then it should be logical, i.e.
Either everything plain C in the main-source-Directory, and the
subdirs are just additional for optimization, 
or there is a special subdirectory generic, which contain the plain C 
stuff and used, e.g. if no other method is detected. 
Then you can just copy this directory to a new one (like ./sparc), and
change the routines as you like them to be optimized. 

I don't like a mixture of both (clearmem here, init there).

Just my 2 cents...


Dipl. math. Christoph Lampert (complex analysis, integral formulae)
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