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[Opendivx] Changes & New Projects

Well its only been 2 1/2 weeks and there has been some very productive
activity.  We've had tons
of great people helping.  There will be even more happening in the
coming week so please keep watching
and give us feedback.  

There are also site changes, which will be happening freqeuently to make
the site much easier to work with
and actually see the activity.

And for the Finale, the following 3 projects have launched.  Remember
their projects and need work, so let us know if you
can help out.  And Thanks to our first Members of DORC for getting these
projects together and making it happen.

1.    DivX4Mac                    	Moderator:  AdrianB
2.    OpenDivX Streaming    		Moderator:  feamster
3.    FFMpeg                      	Moderator:  Hint

DivX4Mac	Moderator:	AdrianB

I won't say much here except much thanks to AdrianB for making DivX4mac

FFMpeg	Moderator:	Hint

FFmpeg is a real time video and audio encoder for Linux. It includes a
soft VCR and a 
scalable live broadcast server compatible with most streaming formats.
The live broadcast 
server can generate multiple bitstreams in real time at several
resolutions and bitrates at 
the same time. All you need is a low end video grabbing card.

Most file formats and codecs are supported, including mpeg1, real, avi,
flash and (m)jpeg. 
The latest version also includes support for OpenDivx real time

OpenDivX Streaming	Moderator:	Faldo

The OpenDivX streaming project is focused on developing streaming
technology and applications for 
MPEG-4 bitstreams, specifically in the OpenDivX format. In particular,
we are addressing issues such
 as using RTP profile-specific extensions to provide selective
reliability, congestion control for 
streaming video, and error resilience. The initial implementation of the
streaming application will 
be in Linux and an extension to OpenDivX for Linux.


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