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[Opendivx] ThreadSafe in OpenDivX


I think maybe I can inject some thoughts here on the multi-instance and
thread safe issues.

When the encore was first put together, I was thinking about thread safe,
because Windows might generate multiple instances of a driver. That's why I
use handles for calles to encore() to distinguish the calling thread.
However, the code now is not 100% global-free, because we have some legacy
code from MoMuSys. I would like to see the code to be free of global (maybe
it is just my personal taste).

I do agree with Nick that ensuring thread safe is more an application level
issue, and encore is just an encoding module. But I think Stefan's concern
has its reason. If I can write the encore careful enough without much
penalty on performance for getting rid of globals (I think I can), I would
do it to make things simpler for the application builders.


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