why "hopeless"

The nickname hopeless is very old. I was probably using it before you touched a computer for the first time. So do not assume you know something about me, just from that name. I write lots of dark and depressing journal entries, but I am not actually without-all-hope. Actual level of hopefullness fluctuates depending on current situation.

Besides, its also short for "hopeless romantic", but no one ever thinks about that.

who I am

I was born in Reno, Nevada. The biggest little town in the world(tm).

I grew up all over the world, though mostly in the midwest during my "formative" years...Texas, Oklahoma, Singapore, Missouri, Kansas, Oregon, and nowadays, Washington.

I am a usually-employed geek. I did work for a dot-bomb, I did get laid off, but unlike most of my compatriots in Seattle, I have 8 years of real-world IT experience to fall back on, which is why I have temporary employment doing database conversion work for a local school district.

I like to read. Mostly science-fiction, but occasionally "literature" as well. I'm not big on non-fiction reading. Most of it is entirely too boring, and doesen't provide me with new information to learn.

My fave authors, in no particular order, are

* Isaac Asimov

* Neal Stephenson

* Thomas Pynchon

* Larry Niven

* Terry Pratchett

* Roald Dahl

and many more that I'll have to update this page with someday.

I love music. Enough that I wonder why my job has nothing to do with music. It's very hard to find entire genres I dislike, but I'm generally not a fan of pop-crap, which I guess is kinda like a genre. In general, I recommend anything by David Bowie, Julian Cope, Peter Gabriel. I'd recommend my favorite electornica artists too, but most of them aren't really "groups". Well OK, Art of Trance, anything involving Peter Namlook, and anything of the Harthouse label.

I'd share my extensive CD collection with you directly, but my DSL is dead till future notice. So I recommend audiogalaxy.com instead.