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Re: [OpenDivX] How to make an open-source project fail

>  Do not use divxcore/decore/build/linux/Makefile, it is outdated and so
> useless that I am thinking about removing it. Instead you can use
> divxcore/decore/Makefile.am ( up-to-date automake makefile which you
> could incorporate into your own source tree ).

By the way, how can one use this Makefile.am 'stand-alone' ? I want just to
build libdivxdecore and when I try to run automake, I just get an error
message about a missing configure.in... And should a '.am' file not generate
only a '.in' that will then be converted to a real Makefile by autoconf ?

If that last sentence is true, how can one build the latest CVS tree without
having to create a complete GNU auto-shit^H^H^H^Hconf suite (I was never a
big fan of these tools :-) ) ?

By the way, another nice thing to have for improving the development process
would be a 'cvs commit' mailing list to help people keep in sync with the
current developments WITH GOOD changelogs strings (that last part is very
important :-) ).

A second point would be to have a more open process when changes are done by
the maintainers (for example, explain in advance or when done build tool
changes, API changes, changes impacting cross-platform issues, ...) to have
people feeling at least moderately involved in the whole thing and not
always have to ask for this and that.

       Lionel (just back from vacations and wanting to go back to do some
               ARM optimization / debugging of divxdecore)

		 Lionel Ulmer - http://www.bbrox.org/

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