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[OpenDivX] machine readable trace-file


I started running some tracefiles through gnuplot to do some statictical analysis of 
quantizers/ME/framesize. However the trace.txt is human-readable and therefore difficult 
to parse for a automatic script.

Maybe a machine-readable trace-file would be possible? 
Just all numbers for each frame in one line. And 1 for INTRA, 0 for INTER (value of isKeyFrame)


>Coding frame #344
>ME with MAD : 88.866295
>0.00 of the MBs are I-MBs.
>Coding mode : INTRA
>The MAD of the VOP to be coded is 88.876446.
>Quantizer is currently 3.000000.
>Current frame is 887104 bits long.
>Target rate is 69120.000000.
>Average rate is 66705.285854.
>Target rate for current frame is 69120.000000.
>Reaction rate is 95879.185410.
>Quantizer is updated to 3.300000.

turns into:

344 88.866295 0.00 1 88.876446 3.000000 887104 69120.000000 66705.285854 69120.000000 95879.185410 

Using a fixed width for every entry (like %12.7f or %08d) would make things even better. 
Perhaps it can work in parallel with trace.txt, calling it tracedata.txt  or something. 

Or is nobody else interested in trace-data?


Dipl. math. Christoph Lampert (complex analysis, integral formulae)
Email: [email protected]                |     Email: [email protected]

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