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Re: [OpenDivX] How to make an open-source project fail


> Proper release tagging would be very useful.  If I only want to build the
> latest stable libdivxdecore on my platform, I shouldn't have to get involved
> with the vagaries of the bleeding edge development code.  If each "stable"
> release was appropriately tagged in CVS, I could simply get the particular
> release I wanted.
> In a recent email I was told to use the 4.0-a50 version of the decore.
> Where the heck do I get the source code for 4.0-a50 if the source tree isn't
> tagged???

there was a a50 release, which was absolutely wrong, at least under linux.
even filenames was wrong...

I prefer making (pre)releases from stable points. many users don't like/want
to use CVS, or simply they can't (firewalls).

We will release MPlayer 0.18 next monday with GPL license. For this, I have
to remove opendivx from mplayer source tree, because it isn't GPL.

I want to keep supporting opendivx, as an external library. But for this I
need a downloadable working opendivx (pre)release (to add this URL to docs,
so users who wants to play opendivx files can download this lib).

Possible solution if I put together a working version, and release it
myself (make it downloadable at our homepage/ftp).
But I don't know is it legal or not.

I tried cvs checkout decore and compile undre linux, but each time it failed
with some errors. At least d2u needed for some files with CRLF, or missing
files in makefiles, syntax errors in asm code...
never worked out-of-box without soem hacking :(
(it isn't big problem for me, but very big problem for users)

So you at projectmayo should solve this somehow, making pre-releases or
working cvs snapshots available for download.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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