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RE: Re: Re[2]: [OpenDivX] Tagging in CVS? (or 'This is getting painful').

The colorspace field has been removed from DEC_FRAME.  Below is the
definition for DEC_FRAME (from the latest decore.h):

typedef struct _DEC_FRAME_
	void *bmp; // the decoded bitmap
	void *bitstream; // the decoder buffer
	long length; // the lenght of the decoder stream
	int render_flag;	// 1: the frame is going to be rendered
	unsigned int stride; // decoded bitmap stride

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> EK> make sure that, as John already replied,
> EK> you are not trying to use SSE on non-SSE machine. In Linux you are
> EK> also required to have new kernel ( 2.4 or reasonably new 2.3 ) if you
> EK> want to use SSE. It won't work with 2.2.
> Ignore this statement ( I was actually thinking about RGB->YUV
> conversion; we don't have SSE-optimized YUV->RGB ). If you are using
> MMX CPU and my first tip didn't help, send me a gdb backtrace of
> crash.

I got the same error. It was my fault, because I didn't filled the
colorspace format in the dec_frame struct. This way the yuv2rgb pointer was
not set up -> i got sigill (it pointed to random memory, as uninitialized

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