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Re: [OpenDivX] How to make an open-source project fail

Hello Stuart,

Tuesday, May 29, 2001, 3:32:24 AM, you wrote:

SR> During the past month that I've been exposed to the opendivx project, a
SR> couple of things have really annoyed me.  In the hope that perhaps some of
SR> these things can be corrected, I submit my rant list to any and all who care
SR> to read it.

SR> Herewith my rant:

SR> If the intention is *really* to make DivX a household name, it might help if
SR> attention is paid to the following items:

SR> There is nothing in this world that cheeses me off more than more than this.
SR> Not only is the current documentation hopelessly out of touch with where the
SR> code is now, it is actually incorrect.  I'm referring to the "Codec Core
SR> Interface.txt" document in the root of the divxcore source tree.

SR> This "document" lead me so far down the proverbial garden path its not even
SR> funny.  EITHER have correct documentation (or even just up-to-date sample
SR> applications showing how to use encore and decore), or don't have any.  For
SR> an open-source project, wrong (or even incomplete) documentation can spell
SR> death.

Forwarded to the right man.

SR> Proper release tagging would be very useful.  If I only want to build the
SR> latest stable libdivxdecore on my platform, I shouldn't have to get involved
SR> with the vagaries of the bleeding edge development code.  If each "stable"
SR> release was appropriately tagged in CVS, I could simply get the particular
SR> release I wanted.

SR> In a recent email I was told to use the 4.0-a50 version of the decore.
SR> Where the heck do I get the source code for 4.0-a50 if the source tree isn't
SR> tagged???

SR> If tagging the source tree properly is too much trouble, a series of
SR> up-to-date tar files with stable source (i.e. which compiles correctly and
SR> actually includes all required source files) might be nice.

This requires a bit more explanation. You are trying to build and use
decore under Linux. There are two people with write access to CVS
in here who actually try to manage linux sources - me and Damien
Chavarria ( author of xmps ). For both of us it's not a primary
responsibility ( Damien mostly works on player, he made something like
one or two commits to codec during last months ). I try to make decore Linux
compatible approximately since beta 50. Before that nobody was paying any
attention to Linux compatibility of CVS sources AT ALL.

Therefore, most of this rant refers to something that did not even
exist until very recently, i.e. stable sources of decore for Linux.
In future, of course, you are right. I will personally make sure that
we release sources which are compatible with Linux, and maybe tag the
source tree ( btw, there's a cvs option -D, you can use it instead of
tags ... ).

SR> The nonsense I've had to go through to build decore under Linux makes
SR> working with divx anything but fun.
SR> The current makefile (divxcore/decore/build/linux/Makefile) doesn't include
SR> src/mmx/yuv2rgb_mmx.c or src/addblock.c.

SR> The current decore makefile also doesn't install, autoconfigure, etc.  Given
SR> the ease the GNU Build System provides, this situation *really* shouldn't
SR> exist.

 Do not use divxcore/decore/build/linux/Makefile, it is outdated and so
useless that I am thinking about removing it. Instead you can use
divxcore/decore/Makefile.am ( up-to-date automake makefile which you
could incorporate into your own source tree ).
 I could also put a complete autoconf/automake/libtool package into
divxcore/decore/build/linux, but I'm not absolutely convinced in
usefulness of such package.

Best regards,
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