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Re: [OpenDivX] next linux release?

Hello Arpi,

Friday, May 25, 2001, 11:37:58 AM, you wrote:

A> Hi,

A> When do you plan next release of opendivx en/decore?

A> We want to release MPlayer 0.18 next week, and I prefer using opendivx
A> release version instead of packing CVS version with MPlayer.

A> Unfortunatelly the latest release 0.50 doesn't work under linux :(
A> (and doesn't support things like DEC_USER)

There are a few important things added since 0.50 apart from improved
Linux compatibility, so it would be a good idea. However, I can't do
such decisions by myself. I'll consult with other team members, maybe
we'll do that.

Best regards,
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