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Re: [OpenDivX] Strange problems on the ARM platform

On Tue, 22 May 2001, Lionel Ulmer wrote:

> > This means to whomever has write priviledges to the CVS tree need to add a
> > new define to the Linux Makefile (like NO_UNALIGNED_ACCESSES) and change
> > in basic_predictions.c the '#ifdef BIG_ENDIAN' by
> > '#if defined(BIG_ENDIAN) or defined(NO_UNALIGNED_ACCESSES)' (or the correct
> > preprocessor command, I am a bit rusty on this point :-) ).
> By the way, I just tested on a big endian platform (Sun UltraSPARC), and
> copying by doing a cast to 'long *' works also very well...
> So the #ifdef need to change from BIG_ENDIAN to NO_UNALIGNED_ACCESSES. No
> need to add the 'or' as told in my previous mail.

My SUN UltraSPARC crashes at unaligned memory access, unless you
give the   -misalign   flag to the compiler. But I think that slows things
down. Still, a NO_UNALIGNED_ACCESS flag is of course the cleaner way.
Memcopy-routines may still be optimized anyway, to use aligned access
as often as possible. It's a lot faster on intel as well...


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Subject: [OpenDivX] Missing files in opendivx CVS repository and a missing macro definition in mmx/mmx.h
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I am trying to build the latest libdivxdecore on Linux.  I got the latest
sources from opendivx CVS repository.  In the process I found two problems.

There are two files missing (they *definitely* aren't in CVS).

The missing files are:


Both files are referred to by divxcore/decore/src/Makefile.am (snippets of
which are shown below):

  libopendivx_decore_la_SOURCES= basic_prediction.c clearblock.c debug.c \
  decore.c timer.c \

  yuv2rgb_mmx.lo: mmx/yuv2rgb_mmx.c
      $(CC) -g -Wall -fPIC -D_ATT_SYNTAX -I. -I.. -c $< -o [email protected]

Removing -DPROFILING from CFLAGS causes timer.h to use the inlined no-op
timer functions, but that isn't the point.  I still need yuv2rgb_mmx.c.

Please can someone put the missing files into CVS and inform the list when
this is done.

The file divxcore/decore/src/mmx/basic_prediction_mmx.c contains 6
invocations of the (undefined) macro paddb_i2r.  This macro is not defined
in mmx.h (where I suppose it should be).

I guess the correct macro definition for paddb_i2r would be the following:

  #define paddb_i2r(imm, reg)   mmx_i2r(paddb, imm, reg)

Please can someone make the correction and update mmx.h in CVS.


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