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Re: Re[6]: [OpenDivX] Ouch, why doesn't my encore() work?


> I must have been too sleepy on Friday when doing this stuff... init.c
> lacks __asm__ __volatile__ ( \ in definition of cpuid() macro, and it
> wasn't included into makefile ( I don't really use it myself for
> testing ).

Why don't you commit your test programs (for en/decoding)?
It whould be very usefull for us, for checking where are the
problems (my code or decore) and also it would be a good example
showing how to use en/decore. I spent lots of time finding out how
the new memory allocation stuff working (and still usure that my code
is correct). or update docs... (it's very outdated)

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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