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Re: [OpenDivX] Linux and such

	Thanks for your quick and informative reply.
I understand that work is continuting from the core dir.  Is anyone maintaining
the "Divx for Linux" section, which is what we are advertising for linux builds?
The version in there is ancient.
If no one else wants to maintain that, I move that you let someone who is interested maintain that section, or remove that section for now.   If neither of those is palable, it seems that you should at least put up a message about the project status on that page.  Only the decore is there, and a version from LONG ago..
A few automake tweaks and a copying of the latest core sorces would be all that it would take to update it.  Adding the encore plugin would be trivial also.
As arpi mentioned, mplayer is a great player for opendivx streams under linux, as it seems to have been mmx enhanced form, and uses xvideo extentions well.  Perhaps that should be mentioned from the Divx for Linux page also.
What there still isn't is a good encoding/transcoding program that supports video and sound.

> The Linux project is far from dead.  It could use some consolidation as
> there are lots of people out there with their own make/config setups.  The
> plan is to create a build environment that lives in
> ./divxcore/*core/build/linux.  If your auto[make,header,config] files can
> work from this directory (the makefile could 'vpath' its sources from
> ../../src) then please do send them to me and I will commit into divxcore.

As far as I know, autoconf is rather ornery about being in the dir below or in the same dir with your sources.  What I could do is provide you with the files to put in the build dir, and a little script or instructions to move the few files into the position they would have to be in.  Would that be a good temporary solution for the core?
Thanks again for your reply.
(By the way, I'm back in opendivx @ irc.openprojects.net.  Also looking for another op there.  Drop by if you're interested.)


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