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RE: [OpenDivX] input and output format

> I alway use OUT_420 mode of decore.
> ...
> And one (decore) has U and V interleaved, so it's
> x*y bytes of Y, x/2 bytes of U, x/2 bytes of V, x/2 bytes U, x/2 bytes V,
> etc.

Hi, Gruel,

I just checked the code of decore.

If you use DEC_420, the output is converted in yuv12_out(). Checking the
code in that function, the UV components are written into pointer
pauc_out[2] and pauc_out[1]. (Note that the differet index.)

They are NOT interleaved. It is standard I420 format, same as used in
encore. There is no mismatch. Hope it helps.


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