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RE: [OpenDivX] input and output format

Hi, Chris,

Yes, the encore takes standard I420 (aka IYUV). The format is as you
described x*y byte of Y, x/2*y/2 bytes of U and x/2*y/2 bytes of V.

There is nothing wrong if you want to have different format before encore,
and after decore. All that matters is you match the output of one step to
the input of the next step. For example, if you display only takes RGB, then
you will need to convert you output to RGB.

Hope it helps.


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> Hi,
> I alway use OUT_420 mode of decore.
> Now it seems that encore() uses different input than the output
> of decore()
> (today's cvs).
> One (I hope it's encore) has Y,U,V in blocks:
> x*y bytes of Y, x/2*y*2 bytes of U,  x/2*y*2 bytes of V.
> And one (decore) has U and V interleaved, so it's
> x*y bytes of Y, x/2 bytes of U, x/2 bytes of V, x/2 bytes U, x/2 bytes V,
> etc.
> Also output is upside down. Is that switchable? Because it's strange not
> beeing able feed output into input again.
> gruel
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