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Re[2]: [OpenDivX] Ouch, why doesn't my encore() work?

Hello Christoph,

Monday, May 21, 2001, 12:17:21 PM, you wrote:

CHL> Am Montag, 21. Mai 2001 20:57 schrieben Sie:
>> Can I see your test program?

CHL> Sure... this is not the original version (that is quite unreadable and has 
CHL> lots of statistics stuff in it), but the much simpler verson that I hacked 
CHL> down to check the effect. It still doesn't work. This is the "encoder", just 
CHL> tell me again, if you need the decoder as well.

Yes, give the decoder too please.

CHL> It reads a series of PGMs sized 720x720 which are in fact YUV of a 720x480 
CHL> series of pics. They are supposed to be concatenated into one file (normally 
CHL> stdin, that's why). The file are same as on my homepage, but that doesn't 
CHL> matter, always after a time P-frames get wrong color and heavily distorted.

By the way, both links on your page point to the same file with .jpg
files, so I can't just download and run the program; can you correct

CHL> It worked fine with the old versions, so maybe I just forgot a pointer? Or is 
CHL> there a new compiler switch needed for encore()? 

Can you name the last time when you had encore ( release or cvs )
properly working? There weren't many updates in encore since .48, I wonder what
could have been broken. I didn't try to test it in Linux for quite a
while, but if it does not work, I should fix it.

Best regards,
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