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Re: [OpenDivX] Strange problems on the ARM platform

> maybe it's related to the following? (found it on handhelds.org wiki)
> e.g. this would mean that CopyBlock wouldn't work correctly for all
> possible inputs of Src and Dst (i'm assuming copies can be from/to
> arbitrary x,y locations, but it is a guess) when doing the copy with
> longs.

Well, you are actually right.... I knew of this page, but I was sure that
the default handling of unaligned memory accesses was to SIGBUS and NOT to
silently ignore them and put garbage in the results. Sometimes I need to not
resynchronize my brain with the documentation :-)

This means to whomever has write priviledges to the CVS tree need to add a
new define to the Linux Makefile (like NO_UNALIGNED_ACCESSES) and change
in basic_predictions.c the '#ifdef BIG_ENDIAN' by 
'#if defined(BIG_ENDIAN) or defined(NO_UNALIGNED_ACCESSES)' (or the correct
preprocessor command, I am a bit rusty on this point :-) ).

Now, let's try to debug why the library crashes a bit further on....

PS: I really need to build my ARM kernel with the special debug option to
    make application crash on unaligned accesses

		 Lionel Ulmer - http://www.bbrox.org/

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