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Re: [OpenDivX] rounding

Hello Leon,

Saturday, May 19, 2001, 3:41:31 AM, you wrote:

LvS> Hi,

LvS> A question about basic_prediction: are the CopyBlockX functions meant to
LvS> do rounding (they all do a +1 or +2 before the shift) and the
LvS> CopyBlockXRound functions not (they simply truncate with a shift) (well,
LvS> except HorVerRound, where there's a +1 followed by a >>2).
LvS> Naming suggests the other way around.. i'm confused ;-)

Yes, it's done the way you described. As far as I know, in MPEG-1/2
interpolation is always done with +1 or +2, and that's the reason for
the CopyBlockX naming.

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