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[OpenDivX] Questions

Hi all,

As suggested on the forum, here I am :-)

So I can repeat my first question : if I want to contribute for a specific
platform (in my case Linux/ARM), should I do it on OpenDivX or on the Linux
project ? (BTW as the OpenDivX core code compiles on Linux, do we really
need a Linux project anymore ?).

To summarize quickly, my patches would be :
 - first remove all FPU code from the core for example this :
 - add some ASM optimization where needed / useful

Secondly, I am trying to get the current OpenDivX core running on Linux.
After some changes in OpenDivX (I did not even try to compile MMX in, the
removal of the 'bswap' optimization and some BIGENDIAN define that was set
because of a '#ifdef LINUX' and not a '#ifdef _LINUX') and some in my test
program (due essentially to the fact that you cannot have 'raw' separate Y,
U, V frames anymore (why this API change BTW ?) and need to do the memory
allocations ourselves), I finally got some pictures.

The good news is that I can now decode without crashing the AVIs that were
encoded with the latest version of the codec. The bad news is that I have
some strange 'smearing' effects on these AVIs (even with the standard one
that worked with the previous Decore version) as if the buffer was not
erased between each frame and the drawings are 'accumulating'. Moreover, 
why do I need to use the 565_INV setting to get a 'correct' picture ?

Another point is that API changes (like the fact that raw YUV support is
dropped or that you need to alloc from outside the memory for the codec)
should be documented somewhere :-)


		 Lionel Ulmer - http://www.bbrox.org/

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