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Re: [OpenDivX] Questions

> To have the same API in Linux and in Windows. Now you can use
> DEC_USER, it has the functionality you want.

If you (if your CVS username is 'sparky' :-) ) just added this option now, I
think you forgot to add a 'break;' after the DEC_USER case :-) Moreover, to
be more consistant with the rest of the switch, you could remove the '&'
before the function name.

But well, I can hardly complain : 30 minutes between my mail and the feature
addition :-)

> If you update your sources to current CVS, most of your problems will
> be solved. 'Smearing' effects were due to incorrect clipping of iDCT
> output. Now they are fixed.

OK, fixed now on my desktop. Did not try it yet on my iPAQ (but as it's
little-endian too, it should not be different).

> Just a guess: maybe you are running your X server in 16-bit color
> depth?

I am running in 565 depth, yes. But I do not see why it should invert the
'Y' coordinates.

Anyway, let's use this new DEC_USER feature to test the decoding speed
independtly of any image postprocessing (including YUV conversions).


		 Lionel Ulmer - http://www.bbrox.org/

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