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Re: Re: Re: [OpenDivX] decore API feature requests

Something is a little strange about Project Mayo.  Yeah, they make open
source code, but they don't act like any open source project I know of.

Every other open source mailing list I get is all about development.  The
OpenDivx list is dead because nobody listens.  Even worse, a lot of good
developers have been turned away.

If nothing gets done soon, we should look into a code fork.  Since both code
bases would be ISO compliant, they would read each others bitstreams.

I think we could fix a lot of the problems that ProjectMayo has been too
lazy to care about.  We could also get an active community unlike the one


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Sent: Monday, May 14, 2001 3:11 AM
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> Hi,
> > Why don't you see if you can become a member of the Divx4Linux team?
> > should give you acces to CVS.
> I've already requested it in february, but didn't get it.
> I have made many changes and optimizations for linux then.
> They are still misisng from their version :(
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