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[OpenDivX] decore API feature requests


Just started to change MPlayer to use decore4linux, but I got some

- I want to get pointers and strides to YV12 planes, without any
  conversion or extra memcpy. currently it isn't possible :(((
  (in old versions, up to 0.48 there was a callback to convert_linux())
  You should allow users to set up their own (and fast) YUV converter!!!

  A possible and simlpe implementation is adding a special colorspace
  format called DEC_USER, and then store pointers and strides into
  a structure pointed by *bmp (insetad of storing image there).
  Other way is using *bmp as a pointer to conversion callback function.

- When will be MMX postprocessing code for linux available?
  The C version is extermly sloooow and so unusable.
  I suggest including my optimized version of postprocess.c until
  it finished. Linux users also want fast postprocessing...

- decore_init and decore_release are static, but declared non-static in .h

- there are -D_LINUX in Makefile, but #ifdef references to LINUX (without
  the underscore) -> occurs many symbol redefinition and other warnings

- doc (Codec Core Interface.txt) is outdated, at least about memory
  btw it's somehow bad... at least for hte future. in current version
  there is a stuct with fields for currently used memory blocks.
  users have to allocate them and pass pointers back. but if you add
  a new field for a new memory block, then old progs will segfault :(
  I prefer a malloc callback here, or just using a single memory size
  and memory pointer.

- that bswapl asm instruction doesn't compiles under linux, at least
  with binutils-2.9.1 (yes, this one can be compiler bug...)

- and finally:
Does it (current CVS version) work at all?
Finally I get it compile and run, but:
MMX version: segfaults...
non-MMX: works, but buggy, motion vectors are bad.
(I tried to play a file made with 0.47, isn't it compatible?)

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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