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Re: [OpenDivX] Linux decore


> fine for him. There is a makefile too ( look at
> http://cvs.projectmayo.com/index.cgi/decore/build/linux/ ). It was
> added on April 30th. You can select between MMX and non-MMX versions
> by editing the makefile. MMX version uses routines written in a
> special 'wrapper' syntax, which can be compiled with both gcc/as and
Nice work.

Btw, just tried to compile current CVS version or decore for linux,
and got 2 errors:
1. at the end of yuv2rgb.h there is #ifndef __cplusplus instead of
  #ifdef __cplusplus

2. mmx/mmx.h has DOS/Win CRLFs, so it doesn't compile with gcc when \ is
   used to un-break lines. it should be CR only...
   it's also strange, because CVS should handle this, convert endlines
   depending on system. maybe someones CVS client isn't configured well.

> I don't understand this request at all. :/ All files in the cvs (
> divxcore module ) _are_ in lowercase, excluding transferIDCT.c. What
> problems are you experiencing with it?
in the 50alpha release some files are uppercase, so unusabel under linux
without renaming them.

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