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[OpenDivX] Linux decore

Hello Mattias,

> What is the status of the decore for Linux? Last version seems to be
> really old and just the decore by itself is very hard to build under
> linux. There is today a build directory under decore that contains a
> win32 directory with the neccessary files to build under win32. How
> about a Linux directory there too? Or possibly one Linux and one
> Linux-mmx (which uses the mmx routines in gas format).

Your question is rather strange. Maybe we are thinking about different
cvs repositories? The one which is situated on cvs.projectmayo.com is
supposed to contain fully Linux compatible version of decore. I
haven't tried to compile it for a while, but Damien Chavarria ( author
of xmps, who did actual porting ) said that it compiled and worked
fine for him. There is a makefile too ( look at
http://cvs.projectmayo.com/index.cgi/decore/build/linux/ ). It was
added on April 30th. You can select between MMX and non-MMX versions
by editing the makefile. MMX version uses routines written in a
special 'wrapper' syntax, which can be compiled with both gcc/as and

>  One thing is
> needed though... Can someone please put all the files in the cvs in
> _lowercase_? Right now it's a mix which is very anoying if trying to use
> it under Linux.

I don't understand this request at all. :/ All files in the cvs (
divxcore module ) _are_ in lowercase, excluding transferIDCT.c. What
problems are you experiencing with it?

Best regards,
 Eugene                          mailto:[email protected]

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