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Re: [OpenDivX] Linux decore


Thanks for your reply... I was not using cvs directly but instead
downloaded the latest decore .zip and there the filenames were a mix of
all uppercase and all lowercase. And there was no linux build directory.
My apologies if I was in error, I will try to get it from cvs instead.

Mattias Blomqvist

Eugene Kuznetsov wrote:
> Hello Mattias,
> > What is the status of the decore for Linux? Last version seems to be
> > really old and just the decore by itself is very hard to build under
> > linux. There is today a build directory under decore that contains a
> > win32 directory with the neccessary files to build under win32. How
> > about a Linux directory there too? Or possibly one Linux and one
> > Linux-mmx (which uses the mmx routines in gas format).
> Your question is rather strange. Maybe we are thinking about different
> cvs repositories? The one which is situated on cvs.projectmayo.com is
> supposed to contain fully Linux compatible version of decore. I
> haven't tried to compile it for a while, but Damien Chavarria ( author
> of xmps, who did actual porting ) said that it compiled and worked
> fine for him. There is a makefile too ( look at
> http://cvs.projectmayo.com/index.cgi/decore/build/linux/ ). It was
> added on April 30th. You can select between MMX and non-MMX versions
> by editing the makefile. MMX version uses routines written in a
> special 'wrapper' syntax, which can be compiled with both gcc/as and
> >  One thing is
> > needed though... Can someone please put all the files in the cvs in
> > _lowercase_? Right now it's a mix which is very anoying if trying to use
> > it under Linux.
> I don't understand this request at all. :/ All files in the cvs (
> divxcore module ) _are_ in lowercase, excluding transferIDCT.c. What
> problems are you experiencing with it?
> --
> Best regards,
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