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Mayo News (Number 4, 2001-05-02)

Project Mayo News - http://www.projectmayo.com

Hey Mayo fans. More news from Mayoland.

It's been a while since we last wrote. Since the launch of the 
OpenDivX(tm) project on 2001-01-15, in fact. So what's 
happened since then? Well, a lot... 

OpenDivX has been ported to Linux, MacOS, Amiga, and 
Windows CE (Compaq iPAQ--coming soon). Lots of bugs have 
been found and squashed. There have been 2 new releases of 
the OpenDivX core, 3 new releases of the Windows software, 4 
new releases of the Macintosh software, and plenty of updates to 
the Playa too. There's even an open-source DivX Streaming 
Server, to efficiently stream DivX files.

Now it's time for the next big change. Soon, very soon, the 
DivX(tm) codec will have a brand new home. We can't say much 
about it yet, but expect an announcement soon. (Project Mayo 
won't change. It will remain the home of OpenDivX and other 
open-source DivX projects.)

So what does this mean for you?

Well, it means that this list will become more active and will 
focus on general DivX news and how DivX will power video 
convergence in the future. It's taken 3 months to get DivX running 
on handheld devices. How long before it runs on your television? 
On your PS2? On your refrigerator? (Well, maybe not. :-))

The list content will also include editorials and opinions from 
some of the people behind DivX, and those taking it into the 
future. One day, we will include technology reviews of some of 
the brand new and very cool convergence devices just over the 

The DivX News list will be hosted at a new domain, so don't be 
surprised when the domain changes on the return address. 
We'll tell you more about this new domain later, but suffice it to 
say that this is our other big project after DivX itself. Stay tuned.

If all of this sounds like crap, and you don't want to read it or get 
these messages in the future, you have a couple of options.

1. If you're more interested in the details of the various open 
source projects being hosted at Project Mayo instead of more 
general DivX news, you can subscribe to individual project 
mailing lists. Go to 
<http://www.projectmayo.com/mail/index.php> to subscribe to 
those lists.

2. If you're not interested in DivX any more, unsubscribe 
instructions are available at the end of this message.

So that's it. Expect more news soon. It's been quite a ride so far 
with DivX, and it's going to be even more fun in the future. :-)




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