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[OpenDivX] color conversion and decoder's perfomance: how to increase on ~10-15%

Hi All,

As I see decoder filter now supports IOverlay,
Overlay mixer supports Y41P pixel format on
some(Radeon for example) VGAs.
Y41P is some sort of YV12/I420...

below is explanation of format:

(from MSDN)

Y41P format data. A packed YUV format. A Y sample at
every pixel, a U and V
sample at every fourth pixel horizontally on each
line; every vertical line
sampled. Byte ordering (lowest first) is U0, Y0, V0,
Y1, U4, Y2, V4, Y3, Y4,
Y5, Y6, Y7, where the suffix 0 is the leftmost pixel
and increasing numbers
are pixels increasing left to right. Each 12-byte
block is 8 image pixels.

as anyone could see conversion from YUV 4:2:0 to Y41P
is very simple.. good chance to improve perfomance of


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