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Re: Re: [OpenDivX] Linux and such


> The new "encore2" on CVS is the work of Eugene (of Sparky codec fame) and
> you're right - it did drop out of heaven!  Eugene produced this more-or-less
> over one weekend.  It is a big step on the way to having an encoder that is
> 100% OpenDivX code.  It's still a work-in-progress but he has already seen
> significant speedup and some quality improvements over the original encore.
> Broadly, the way forward now is to take the best parts of encore and encore2
> and drop them into a structure which is exactly how we want it.  No more
> MoMuSys.  When this is done, and MMX optimisation is applied we will have an
> encoder that really shifts!  No more 1-2fps :-)
It's in C++ too, like the Sparky stuff ?

> The Linux project is far from dead.  It could use some consolidation as
> there are lots of people out there with their own make/config setups.  The
For example MPlayer... It uses encode/decore 48.

> As ever, we're looking for a better way to build the intel_mmx (Intel
> syntax) sources in a gcc-type environment.  The alternative is to manually
> port to AT&T syntax MMX in a new directory:  *core/att_mmx.
Intel will release their C/C++ compiler for the linux platform in May.
I hope that the long time of porting it wasn't spent by converting inline asm
syntax to gcc-like :)))

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