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Re: [OpenDivX] Linux and such


The new "encore2" on CVS is the work of Eugene (of Sparky codec fame) and
you're right - it did drop out of heaven!  Eugene produced this more-or-less
over one weekend.  It is a big step on the way to having an encoder that is
100% OpenDivX code.  It's still a work-in-progress but he has already seen
significant speedup and some quality improvements over the original encore.
Broadly, the way forward now is to take the best parts of encore and encore2
and drop them into a structure which is exactly how we want it.  No more
MoMuSys.  When this is done, and MMX optimisation is applied we will have an
encoder that really shifts!  No more 1-2fps :-)

The Linux project is far from dead.  It could use some consolidation as
there are lots of people out there with their own make/config setups.  The
plan is to create a build environment that lives in
./divxcore/*core/build/linux.  If your auto[make,header,config] files can
work from this directory (the makefile could 'vpath' its sources from
../../src) then please do send them to me and I will commit into divxcore.

As ever, we're looking for a better way to build the intel_mmx (Intel
syntax) sources in a gcc-type environment.  The alternative is to manually
port to AT&T syntax MMX in a new directory:  *core/att_mmx.

Have a nice Easter break,


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