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[OpenDivX] Linux and such

Sorry I haven't been in the IRC channel really, I ended up going to my fiance's house for easter break, and internet time is limited here...
Anyway, I got the newest encore and decore code compiling with auto[make,header,config].  I haven't yet written any code to test it out, but it compiles fine, and I see no problems :-)
Is anyone interested in that work? (is the Linux project dead? ;-) Should that go into the Linux branch I suppose?
Also, it appears a new encoder dropped out of heaven into the CVS tree. Any info on that?  A lot seems to happen without any discussion, or at least any discussion I get to take part in.  Would it be possible to open up read only access to such discussion at least? (assuming it is going on anyway :-) It's hard to get involved with an open source project without knowing what's going on.
Thanks for your consideration.

				Steve Pinkham

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