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[OpenDivX] Problems compiling the directX version

Hi all.

To be able to better compare different optimizations I'm working on I
would like to use the DirectX version...
Only problem is that allthough I have both the DXMedia sdk and DX sdk
installed I get the following errors when trying to compile.

e:\DXMEDIA\CLASSES\BASE\ctlutil.h(438) : error C2504: 'IBasicVideo2' :
base class undefined
e:\DXMEDIA\CLASSES\BASE\sysclock.h(23) : error C2504: 'IAMClockAdjust' :
base class undefined

These include files are included from streams.h which is included from
from the divxfilter.cpp file. The missing interfaces which I guess it is
seems to be macrogenerated in other files also included from streams.h.
I cant solve this one. Anyone else had this problem? What to do about

Mattias Blomqvist

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