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[OpenDivX] project

I had this really neat thing, a 200 disc dvd changer, now the discs
refuse to spin up, why do you care? probably not. But I have decided it
is time for me to make what I wanted in the first place.
A freebsd box with a large collection of divx movies and matching
subtitle files (My wife is hearing impaired) anyway, I think your
project may help me with the part I want, I can already play them, but
in order to take my dvd's and archive them on my hard drive, I have to
boot into that accursed M$ os, and I would rather spend weeks in gcc
than boot into windows once.

anyway, I have libdivxdecore installed, but I cant seem to find a
working encore program to convert mpeg2 to mpeg4.  is there a *nix
encoder yet? or do you only have a win32 one?  I could write a *nix one,
but only if someone else hasnt started on that already.

I found a bunch of src files, but no makefile.

when I tried to compile encore.c, it looks like some library wasnt being linked,
but I cant really tell what lib it wants.

Any help would be appreciated, I would be happy to contribute my work
when I am done, basically what I will have is a program that you run
after a dvd is inserted that will convert the dvd to mpeg4, save it in a
directory (The name of the dvd if I can retrieve that) and add it to a
menu that will have all my movies (Maybe I will just use the xmms avi
plugin for that.)  I am not really trying to copy dvd's as much as
archiving them in an easy to use menu system (that isnt as flimsy as my
200 disc dvd changer was).

Adriel Ickler
Network Administrator   -  [email protected]
Self Trading Securities -  Voice:       512-263-2769
www.selftrading.com     -  Fax:         512-263-2141
Innovation is hard to schedule.
		-- Dan Fylstra

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