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[OpenDivX] Help with DivX integration

I would like to have DivX capabilities in my Kino
program (http://www.schirmacher.de/arne/kino/). Kino
is a small non-linear video editor program for Digital
Video (DV) camcorders.

The program can currently only save AVI files, but all
my users want mpeg format too. Unfortunately I have no
mpeg or divx related experience and only very little
time available. I would therefore appreciate it if
somebody could help me out. 

Inside the Kino code, I could supply 720*576 (PAL) or
720*480 (NTSC) pixels of YUV or RGB data and 48 kHz
audio in WAV format. This should go into a DivX writer

Please contact me at [email protected] or at my website,
if you are interested.


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