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[OpenDivX] multithreading with encore

Hello !

I'm currently trying to build a parallel encoder using encore (0.48).
I supposed that the lib was reentrant (mainly because of the handle to
uniquely identify each user of the lib), but I found it wasn't. In fact
some few static variables remain :
bitstream.c(57):static unsigned char *byteptr;
bitstream.c(59):static int bytecnt;
bitstream.c(62):static unsigned char outbfr;
bitstream.c(64):static int outcnt;
encore.c(82): static REFERENCE *ref = NULL;
encore.c(83): static VolConfig *vol_config;

and I personnaly got an exception on 'byteptr' when using 2 threads.
so my question is : are there plans to convert (at least) encore to full
reentrant code ?
If not (or even if), I'd be happy to do it (mainly because I have access
to SMP machines), but I need to know what part of code has to be
modified in order to achieve this goal. btw, I already have some object
classes that can read and write bitstream to/from files that could
easily be modified to use memory buffer instead of file.

Thanks for all.


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