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Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2001 6:07 PM
To: Darrius "Junto" Thompson
Subject: OpenDivX Decoder ->OpenDivX

Topic:		Directshow
Author:		Botske
Posted:		 2001-03-29 12:02

Yep, IT WORKS ! I just had to change YUV12 to YUV2. Thanks for the tip !

Topic:		Directshow
Author:		e7abe7a
Posted:		 2001-03-29 12:32

At this link you can find a brief description of how the buffer should
be organized according to the different YUV format you're using:


It seems to me that the YV12 buffer is written correctly... and also
theYUV2. By the way, the YUV2 doesn't work with all the sequences, at
least on my ATI ALL IN WONDER 128 graphic card. Probably we have the
same problem with the YUV2 mode.
For the YV12 instead I've never seen problems. Probably there's
something that I'm missing in the filter code?[ This message was edited
by: e7abe7a on 2001-03-29 12:42 ]

Topic:		Directshow
Author:		e7abe7a
Posted:		 2001-03-29 13:17
Hey Martin!

Thanks for discovering this! I also deleted the YV12 code from the
filter and now the filter works on both my graphic cards (Voodo2 and
ATI). I really hope there will not be new problems!

I reviewed the code of the YV12 output and it still seems OK to me. The
buffer should be like the 4:2:0 output of the MPEG-4 decoder. So, what's
happening? I suppose that when the filter try to agree a mediatype with
the downstream filter (overlay mixer), the YV12 format is accepted (and
the decoder is set to work in YV12 mode) but for some reason the graphic
card works always in YUV2 mode!

Let's see if someone can tell me something more... 
Thanks again! 

Topic:		divx format
Author:		e7abe7a
Posted:		 2001-03-29 13:44

To know which codec produced the AVI file you could hexedit the file...
you will see that at the very beginning, after the keywork 'vids', there
is a 4 letter code, it's the FourCC code of the codec that created the
The OpenDivX FourCC code is DIVX so, if you open an AVI file encoded
with OpenDivX you will find vidsDIVX or vidsdivx.
I hope this helps. Here there's a link if you want to read more:


We should also tell to this site to add DIVX to his FourCC code list![
This message was edited by: e7abe7a on 2001-03-29 13:45 ]

Topic:		Wiedergabefehler
Author:		e7abe7a
Posted:		 2001-03-29 17:41

When you stop the sequence and you click again play, the player must
look for the previous key-frame in the sequence and start decoding from
that point so it's normal if you have to wait some second to have the
sequence to playback again.

Bitte Versuch zum Sprechen auf englisch. Für mich auch Englisch ist
nicht meine gebürtige Sprache [ This message was edited by: e7abe7a on
2001-03-29 17:44 ]

Topic:		Help! My file.divx.avi is green on WMPlayer 7
Author:		e7abe7a
Posted:		 2001-03-29 17:47
Hi Caien!

There was a problem with the DirectShow filter that probably has been
solved (thanks Martin). This could solve a lot of problems and also
your. Try to download the new version from the site in next days.

Topic:		Will final codec play videos encoded with ALPHA version?
Author:		e7abe7a
Posted:		 2001-03-29 17:50

We want the final version of the codec to be able to play whatever you
are encoding now. If there will be changes, probably these changes will
not be in the syntax of the stream. Not only, it's not difficult to add
patches in the decoder to make it compatible with different standards. 

So, don't worry!

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