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Topic:		Hardware encoder for Divx
Author:		korzi
Posted:		 2001-03-29 06:18
There are stand-alone processors dedicated to MPEG-1 and 2. And there
are two tipe of boards that can be used: 
1. Graphic accelerators (2D iDCT & DCT)
2. Evaluation boards offered by the DSP producers

And both HW power sources can be separated into two groups: one with
open characteristics and one with no data at all.

Besides this Philips project, has anyone fammiliar with any ongoing
project with a DSP evaluation board ?

Are there some "strategic" plans to do that ?
If yes, would you suggest to use that power for Encoders or also for
Coders (because there are some DivX users without the specific HW and
power to do the decoding) ?

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