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[OpenDivX] SR-RTP v.0.1.0a Alpha Release


Libraries for selectively reliable RTP (libsrrtp.a) have been released.
This allows for selective retransmission and adaptive transmission of
real-time data, such as MPEG-4 Video. I've compiled this successfully on
Linux with gcc 2.96.

librtsp.a also includes sample, extensible RTSP/SR-RTP client/server
that has been used to hack up a dummy sample app.

There is a sample app that demonstrates proof of concept and could
easily be expanded to be merged with something like the DivX player (hint,
hint...).  Note: you won't see pretty pictures -- the received file is
saved to /tmp/mpeg_bitstream.bits, and you will have to decode this with
something like the MoMuSys MPEG-4 decoder (waht I used for tests).  Let's
fix this!

Documentation is included; extensive documentation is at

Note that this is an alpha release, and there are probably some bugs.
Also the API is flexible at this point.


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