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Topic:		Use the power of GPU's??
Author:		Matej
Posted:		 2001-03-20 06:15
The idea is very good, but a little too early (maybe just for me). The
new Geeforce3 car encode *.AVI files in REALTIME. So i guess that the
cpu shouldn't be so occupied with enconding when the GPU is in a lot of

Topic:		Use the power of GPU's??
Author:		Brians256
Posted:		 2001-03-20 14:37
Ummm... I think you misread the feature set for the GeForce 3.  Unless I
am sorely mistaken, there is no hardware support for encoding video in
any of the GeForce chips.  The Pentium III and the Athlon (pretty much
all speed grades) can create AVI's in real-time from an uncompressed RGB
frame-grab stream.  They just can't do high-end compression that
produces high-quality at the same time as low bit-rate.

For example, take a look at the HuffYUV codec home page.  If I remember
correctly, a P3-266 can do real-time capture to AVI with that codec
because it uses so little CPU.  You just need a fast hard disk.

Topic:		OpenDivX Variable Bitrate Encoding
Author:		duartix
Posted:		 2001-03-20 15:08
Forgot to say what your home page is...

Topic:		OpenDivX Variable Bitrate Encoding
Author:		magelan
Posted:		 2001-03-20 15:38
I don't know if it's just me but I guess there are people out there who
have at home more that 1 PC. How about creating a server an a client
thing to allow some processing to take place on a client PC? Something
not too much data intensive but CPU intensive?

Topic:		movie
Author:		Derks
Posted:		 2001-03-20 15:51
`I mist have a code

Topic:		Sorenson MPEG-4 encoder
Author:		Zed Mister
Posted:		 2001-03-20 16:38

Wow, very nice to see actual Sorenson engineers roaming in these forums.
I haven't actually had a chance to try out the Sorenson MPEG-4 codec,
all I've seen are the specifications, which seem rather impressive.
Would there be any chance at all of e-mailing me the encoder/decoder?
If not, I understand.  If so, my e-mail is <a
href="mailto:[email protected]";
target="_new">[email protected]</a>

I have done some comparisons between Sorenson Video 3 and MS MPEG-4 v3
(DivX 3.11) and from what I've seen, Sorenson offers better quality at
bitrates higher than about 1500, but not below that.  Framerates suffer
at bitrates below 1500 when content is encoded using Sorenson Video 3,
whereas this is not the case with MS MPEG-4 v3.

In any case, I could love to be able to test out the Sorenson MPEG-4
codec.  If you can help me do that, I would appreciate it.

Thanks for the reply.

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