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Topic:		MPEG4 scalability and object segmentation
Author:		puremood
Posted:		 2001-03-14 07:26
Hi all. Object-oriented and scalability is the centerpiece of MPEG4.
Does OpenDivX codec support any of these functions as it's originally
based on MOMUSYS implementation? It would be great if these features can
be implemented on OpenDivX.

Topic:		Why AVI and not MPG?
Author:		Who cares
Posted:		 2001-03-14 16:13
Is it possible to make a DiVX-encoded MPG file and not an AVI

Topic:		Use the power of GPU's??
Author:		MiX
Posted:		 2001-03-14 16:41
One of my thoughts that I would like to tell is... Couldn't the immense
power of the newest 3d-cards be used to do some of the encoding tasks?

I know that GPU's are specialized for a tasks like 3d-gaming... But it
must be some power there to use, and when u brake down the 3d games it
is just a stream of data that needs to be processed... right 

Just an idea to think about.


Topic:		Use the power of GPU's??
Author:		Brians256
Posted:		 2001-03-14 18:02
Short answer: no.  GPU's are designed to flood-fill triangles and/or
paste textures onto them.  All those GFLOP's shown on the marketing page
are used in texture lookups and coordinate transforms.

The MPEG-4 algorithm could use help with IDCT, YUV->RGB, motion
compensation, and H.263 decoding.  IDCT is supported on ATI chipsets,
but is not supported (yet?).  YUV->RGB is supported on many new video
cards, but may not be supported.  That should be fairly easy to add to
the Playa app.  H.263 decoding would be fairly difficult to accelerate
with any coprocessor.

Topic:		Low bitrate encoder test results
Author:		sanhan
Posted:		 2001-03-14 20:45
It's said that the OpenDivX encore pays
much more attention to higher bitrate
videos than lower ones. This is a good
idea if users of OpenDivX only need DVD
like films. 

But I would like guys of DARC pay a little
more attention to low bitrate video encoding
if they really want to follow MPEG-4 exactly.
By so, we can expand the usage of OpenDivX
code greatly.

Just my five cents.

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