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[OpenDivX] How to feed decore() and read its output ?


I'm new to divx and I try to write a simpler player that output raw PPM 
files from a divx stream using decore.

I can not figure out how to get divx frame size (ie width and height of 
frames as encoded in a divx stream). It seems to have no call to do that 
in the API. So, as we must give x_dim and y_dim in DEC_PARAM structure, 
how can we do to given original values ?

By the way, is it possible to get a particular frame (as there is no way 
to tell the API to return a particular frame, to forward or backward) ?

In fact, I can not grab a simgle frame from a divx stream, whereas I've 
succeded in compiling libdivxcore4.7 (even CVS version) and XMPS plugin 
(it works with project mayo's trailers).

Thanks a lot

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