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[OpenDivX] getbits.c


I have just recently noticed and realized optimizations in the
h263-tmndecode-Source at work.
As I travelled through the web on the look for even better optimizations I
found the OpenDivX-Source.
So I downloaded it, and you can guess that my surprise was big, as I read:
>getbits.c, bit level routines for tmndecode (H.263 decoder)

The optimizations I did in the h263-Decoder (corellated with the used
stream, I know) made around 8% improvements at the end (using the compiler
from Visual C++).

The ideas were: No explicit masks (less memory-access -> higher
and getbits(), showbits() and flushbits() as inlined functions (meaning,
putting not only the prototype into global.h but also the body of the
functions - I would say, Linker cannot inline code; must be done by the

I already saw in the decore, that there is a special version of the
getbit-stuff, but it still uses the mask-array.

Is there someone who has a little test-suite for OpenDivX so that I can test
my ideas regarding optimization?


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