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[OpenDivX] OpenDivx on Trimedia status

Ok, a short status report on the progress I made so far:

I finally got most of the source code through the Trimedia compiler. All 
source files except the postprocessing and yuv2rgb compile now.

Postprocessing causes a lot of errors of which I haven't found the cause 
Yuv2rgb uses memcpy routines which aren't available in the Trimedia 


1. What is the format of the frames before postprocessing and yuv2rgb? From 
the name yuv2rgb I'm assuming the output is of some yuv format. If so all I 
need to know is which format and I can directly route it to the Trimedia's 
video output.
Otherwise I have to make a separate yuv2rgb for Trimedia.

2. The hardware filters provided by the Trimedia coprocessors are for 
upscaling, downscaling and de-interlacing only. They're useless for 
postprocessing. For now I've given this a lower priority.

I've now started on adding basic file handling so I can run some test 
streams through the decoder.
Question: Are there any sources that I can use as a reference for this? All 
I need is some code that can get the video information from an opendivx avi 
file and feed it to decore.
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