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Re: [OpenDivX] OpenDivX optimalization

rgb2yuv.c might be a good place to start - but if you are going to do this
start with an open mind; try not to just convert the existing C to MMX.
Bear in mind also that it might be necessary to change the colourspace
conversion matrix in the future.

MMX optimisations in the Intel asm syntax belong int the ./intel_mmx
subdirectory - we want to keep nice, clean C versions of every file in
decore/ and encore/

decore is already quite well optimised though we have some ideas to go
further with this.  Very soon, we will start a lot of work on encore speed,
so anything you can do ahead of us would be very useful.  Please try to
benchmark your improvements - measure the speed increase you create.
Without quantification, performance improvements are little use to us.

Thanks, Gigant for your e-mail and offer of help!

John (eagle)

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Subject: [OpenDivX] OpenDivX optimalization

> Hello
> I`m trying to turn to optimalize source code by insert MMX
> instruction. Now I`m working with rgb2yuv.c, but I don`t know it`s geat
> idea. Please mail to me, if you have better idea which code is slowest in
> OpenDivX Encode.
> Best wishes
> Lukasz "Gigant" Tomczykiewicz
> from Poland
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