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[OpenDivX] Re: Query for mailing list concerning DivX-capable DVD-player

I'm working on a standalone DivX-player. The main problem is that all 
hardware capable of doing MPEG-4 decoding is meant for video conferencing 
and thus low resolution and framerates.

It's fairly easy to add MP3 capabilities to a DVD player since the audio 
decoding part is already available in hardware. For DivX decoding additional 
hardware is needed.
I don't know if you tested any of those solutions but I'm also not that 
impressed with the DVD decoding quality. But then again, I have yet to see a 
DVD player that plays all my movies perfectly. Usually there are always one 
or two movies that cause sync problems between audio and video.

Anyway, right now I'm porting the OpenDivx source to the Philips Trimedia. 
Yesterday I managed to get the decore source through the compiler. I hope to 
have a working version of the video decoding part in two weeks. Then there's 
probably still a lot of extra work needed to get the decoding running in 
We're focusing on DivX support first, DVD support is of lower priority to 
us. But since the Trimedia is highly programmable we can support any DV 
format in principle.

I'm not too worried about the Legal issues. I'm only making a reference 
design for a consumer product, not massproducing and selling it.
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