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RE: [OpenDivX] Alternative to uncompressed AVI --> VOB frames directly packed into AVI

For my tests, I use the VOB's directly.  If you have space issues and wish to have a clip of
the  MPEG-2 stream, use the VOB tools.  Take a look at the download section of Doom9's
site http://go.to/doom9.  I believe you can get sections of a VOB file using the vStrip
package.  That will give you an m2v file, which should be perfect for testing just the video
codec.  But, anyone know which utils work with m2v files?  I haven't done this.  I tried it
once in Adobe Premiere 6.0, but it doesn't know how to deal with m2v files.  Terran Cleaner
does, but I didn't test it.
Note: Adobe Premiere and Terran Cleaner are copyrighted products and cost money.
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Subject: [OpenDivX] Alternative to uncompressed AVI --> VOB frames directly packed into AVI

I am having a hard time creating uncompress AVIs from VOB files in order to benchmark various codecs as this process creates huge files.


Is there a way to generate an AVI file that directly re-use or repack the same compressed frames as stored in the VOB file? That is without performing a decompression and re-compression? This way, there would be no loss of info and size would be same as VOB thus considerably smaller than uncompressed AVI.


Where can I find detailed information on how a VOB file is structured (I am not expert enough to dig into Flask’s source code)


I am new to the DivX universe; my apologies if this issue has already been covered previously.




Thierry Brunet de Courssou

London, UK.





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