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[OpenDivX] Encode Speed on Various Platforms

I'm new to this list so please excuse me if this has been addressed before.

I have seen several references to it taking in the order of 20 hours to
encode a DVD movie to CD length.  I'm assuming that much of the experience
in this field is from people using their typical home/office PC for
experimentation.  If someone wanted to use DivX in a semi-commercial
application are there hardware platforms that can encode faster?  

For example, I understand that the Mac G4/Power PC vastly outperforms dual
Intel processors in some multimedia related applications and SGI boxes have
been mainstays of the graphics industry for many years.  I also know from
experience that for general purpose applications, Linux far outperforms
Windows on Intel architecture.

Does anyone know of any benchmarks for DivX encoding on various platforms?

Where are the bottlenecks?

If I wanted to build/buy the ultimate DivX encode machine(s) what would
they be?

Lloyd Ferguson
[email protected]

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